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  1. What kind of mattress suitable for me ?
    A suitable Mattress will help us to regain our energy, relaxing our body, refreshing mind, and it prevents us from illness.
    Elite springbed has some type that suitable with you.
    Let us help you to choose mattress that suitable for you.
    Please click this link : Matress Selector
  2. How to claim guarantee for Elite springbed (if we got problems) ?
    Fill "Customer Complain Form" (attach your guarantee card and invoice )
    Please contact our Customer Service Offficer for more information.
  3. Dos and Don'ts
  • Dos
  1. Turn over your mattress periodically.
  2. Change your old divan when you buy new mattress to ensure that it is able to support your body weight.
  3. Use the appropriate size of divan as the size of the mattress.
  4. Use mattress protector to the keep it clean, especially for children’s bed.
  • Don’ts
  1. Don’t jump, stand, or walk on the mattress.
  2. Don’t smoke on the bed, keep out your mattress from fire.
  3. Don’t turn over your mattress by yourself. Ask someone for help to avoid damage on the mattress or the risk of accident.
  4. Don’t take off the label on the side of the mattress, because this is the proof of your warranty right.
  5. Water or urine or detergent or any kind of fluids is able to harm any elements inside the mattress and this may cause the warranty not valid anymore.

4. Glossary

pocketed on pocketed

Pocketed on Pocketed Spring System

Pocketed on pocketed spring system is more superior to the ordinary pocketed spring. It has more springs that work independently to minimize the effect of shaking; also it gives you extra support against the tension from body weight while laying down.
pocketed coils

Pocket Spring

This is the spring technology that accentuates comfort and can absorb the tension independently. Each spring can muffle optimally without even effected by other spring around.
heavier steel wire

Heavier Steel Wire Ø 2,24mm

The steel wire which is thicker becomes the parts of the structure of the mattress. It gives better durability against the heavy weight, so that the mattress becomes more durable.

m edge

M-EDGE Guard

This is a solid and sophisticated spring composition system that can bear the pressure from body weight more concentrate. It can spread the pressure effectively to all part of the spring. It can make the edge of the mattress stronger so that the body won’t slip when lying down.

corner guard

Corner Guard

It is a structural framework of the mattress that can make the movement of the spring more linear. It makes the mattress more solid and steady in bearing the pressure of body weight.


Dura-Tech™ Guard

This is a feature inside the mattress that can improve the durability, strength, and ability to bear the pressure. It prevents your body to slip out from the bed if those parts get more pressure suddenly.

6 turns coil spring

6 Turn Coil Spring System

The spring system with 6 turn coil gives you optimal strength and higher flexibility.

mini coil

Mini Coil

Mini coil absorbs the pressure from body weight and resulting in more comfortable mattress. The independent configuration of the spring inside the mattress is higher, and this can make you feel more comfortable when you lie down.

600/m2 coils

600/m2 Coils

Mattress with more springs can bear the pressure better and also more comfortable and durable significantly.

186/m2 coils

186/m2 Coils

Mattress with more springs can bear the pressure better and also more comfortable and durable significantly.

plush+pillow top system

Plush+Pillow Top System

This is a smart system that can minimize the effect of bouncing from the mattress and level up the comfort for the best quality sleep.


Euro+Pillow Top System

It is a system that synergizes the comfort that comes from the latex and the pillow top. It gives you the extraordinary tenderness without lessen the ability of the mattress to distribute the pressure from body weight optimally.

ultra fresh

3 Zones Spring Mattress System

It is a system that divides the surface of the bed into three different levels specifically for the upper parts of the body, hips, and lower parts of the body. It’s customized based on the pressure from each part. The weight is distributed evenly so that the backbone keeps strong and sturdy.

5 zones

5 Zones-100% Belgium Natural Latex

This sophisticated system integrates the technology of dividing the zone with the best of the natural latex. It divides the distribution zone of body weight more specifically, from three to five zones.

open cell PU foam

Open Cell PU Foam

The polyurethane foam technology creates the best air circulation all over the foam. It prevents the humidity concentrated inside the mattress. It’s free from fungi and mite. This ultra tender foam also keeps your body temperature optimally.

high density dura foam

High Density Dura-Foam

This foam is produced to have the high density to support the body weight better without lessen the comfort and tenderness to gives you the best sleep quality.

luxurious belgium natural latex

Luxurious 100% Belgium Natural Latex

This natural latex is not poisonous and has a high durability. It provides extraordinary comfort for you and also keeps your body temperature in optimal condition. It is also free from mite and allergy.

natural latex layer

Luxurious Natural Latex Layer

The luxurious natural latex layer provides the extraordinary elasticity that can spoil your body while sleeping. It can help to regulate the temperature around your body so that you feel comfortable all along.

convoluted foam

Profile Foam/ Convoluted Foam

Profile foam is designed to distribute the body weight evenly to all the surface of the mattress. This system has ideal durability to share the pressure of the weight to every different zone costumed to body contour.

foam encasement

Foam Encasement

Foam encasement system increases the durability of the mattress by strengthens the structure of the spring without lessen its flexibility of the movement.

3 zones

Anti Microbial Protection

The ultra-fresh fabric is designed to prevent the microbe from growing. It is the cause of many kinds of disease and allergy. This material will give you the best quality of sleep and you will feel fresh in the morning.

anti dust mite

Anti Dust-Mite Fabric

Anti dust-mite fabric is designed and produced through specific process to protect the bed from the mite and flea and other organism. This material lengthens the life of the mattress while keeping you away from asthma and allergy.

organic cotton fabric

Organic Cotton Fabric

Organic cotton fabric is made from natural cotton that cultivated without pesticide or any other dangerous chemical substance. It is very strong and amazingly soft at once.

premium jacquard

Premium Jacquard Fabric

This exclusively made with the best quality fabric can absorb humidity very well, and also encourage good air circulation even on the top of the mattress that supports the body.

warp knitted

Warp-Knitted Fabric

This fabric is made from the best selection of threads and knitted by the high precision machine.                        It has an amazingly soft and extraordinary durability.

warp knitted bamboo fabric

Warp-Knitted Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fiber is knitted exclusively with a perfect process to become an extraordinary soft and durable fabric. It also has the ability to absorb the heat optimally and anti allergy.

premium knitted fabric

 Premium Knitted Fabric

The best selection of threads are knitted with the sophisticated technology machine to create the fabric that has not only amazing durability but also extraordinary softness and the ability to distribute the temperature and pressure at the very best.

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